Michael Carson

“Celebaration” Claudia Hartley

Where do you go to celebrate life’s greatest moments? Will you take a trip to the vineyards of France, a hike to the Grand Canyon, a visit to your favorite city, or even a burrow into a cozy corner of your own home? Artist Claudia Hartley celebrates life every day. Her fifty-year career as a professional artist yields her inaugural show in New York with new paintings of the many places where she celebrates life on a daily basis. A well-known colorist, she transforms select locations from the earnest sketches she creates on site into vibrant outlines of scenery, juxtaposed by carefully chosen hues which bolster the landscapes she recreates. If one could react with a single word after viewing her paintings, it would be “joy,” as Hartley consciously works to bring the pleasures of life into every viewer’s field of experience. An avid traveler, Hartley can’t help but sketch the beauty she sees surrounding her wherever she visits. Whether in nature capturing the wonders of paradise, or indoors soaking up a happy room, she is one who constantly finds beauty in the environment and translates that splendor into canvases to be shared with her many collectors.

Excited to be making her New York debut, she has selected her favorite locales to bring to life via her paintings. If you’re looking for work not filled with angst, sorrow, or the negativity of life, you can’t help but become enthralled with her jubilant paintings. Join us during December to spend a few moments surrounded by pure joy as you witness the never-ending beauty of the work of Claudia Hartley.

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Exclusive Interview with Melissa Peck

I remember making a little clay pot in kindergarten and loving it – I remember taking a macramé class with my mom when I was 7. I always loved to draw and have a distinct memory of drawing a face from a book teaching you step by step how to draw. I was so proud of that drawing that I got up and while running around yelled, “I’m an artist!”

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New York July Exhibit: Max Hammond

Contemporary artist Max Hammond finds words as inviting as paint, offering pathways to explore worlds that didn’t previously exist, prompting emotional responses or sparking new interests. Complex and layered both in approach and concept, Hammond’s latest works are inspired by a quirk in the English language he enjoys, the Contronym.  In his upcoming show, The Contrary world of

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New York June Exhibit: Peregrine Heathcote

Figurative artist Peregrine Heathcote’s charming and stylish aesthetic ventures on a transformative journey in his latest mini-series, En Route. Inspired by vintage posters from the golden age of travel, Heathcote brilliantly fuses his interests in contemporary classic couture met with refined elegance and poise, as each character embarks on their journey. Each scene serves as a study in

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Michael Carson

New York June Exhibit:Michael Carson

Sitting under the Italian sun, Negroni in hand, Michael Carson revisits his time spent in Florence and manifests his memories onto the canvas in his latest series, “If These Walls Could Talk”. This historic city’s architecture, language, and culture, combined with Carson’s love for people watching, masterfully blends present-day with old-world character. Travel to a

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July Featured Artist: Michael Carson

Posted on July 1, 2020 Bonner David GalleriesJuly 2020 Featured Artist – Michael Carson“Contemplative Moments” Michael Carson has been called the “post-millennial Toulouse-Lautrec.” Like the turn of the century French master, Carson is a self-described people watcher. He paints figures with a soft, sophisticated touch. His works summon a pensive, ethereal feeling in the viewer. His subjects

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Announcing the Opening of Bonner David Art Boutique in New York

After 17 successful years in Scottsdale, Bonner David Galleries announces the opening of their newest dual concept gallery Bonner David Art Boutique, located just steps from the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 22 E. 81St. in the heart of museum mile.  Representing the finest contemporary artists and noted traditional artists, the gallery epitomizes the highest standards for collecting fine art.

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