The Color of Love is Red

Hello art lovers! I am learning every day, I learned two things: our featured artist for February is Gary Ernest Smith and February is the month of love! When I was studying artists, I memorized Gary Ernest Smith as “The Cowboy Artist”.  If I don’t take over the family business, I’d like to be a cowboy when I grow up.


Mom said he’s called a Western artist because he paints so much more than cowboys.  It makes sense: his paintings are beautiful vast fields of wonderful purples and yellows.  You have to look at all of his work- his landscapes seem like familiar places and the people have great stories to tell!


Along with Gary Ernest Smith’s stunning paintings we will show works with pink and red for the month of love in our window.  One of our artists even painted what looks like something specially for the month of love, but I’m not going to tell you what it is- you’ll have to come and see!  We also have a sculpture in the window titled “My Love’-  so perfect for the this month.  Mom says she wants to make a lot of valentine cookies.  I’ll bet she would share them with you…as she always shares with me.


Also, this month is my birthday!  I will turn 1 year old on February 27th.  So, would you come in and say happy birthday to me and I will give you a tour of all the exciting new work in the gallery.  If you’re in hurry to the Met, you will at least be able to feast your eyes on our  “Love” window and Gary’s window selections and stop on your way back. We can’t wait to visit with you!

Written by

Rebecca Rosenfield

Director, Bonner David Art Boutique


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