“Celebaration” Claudia Hartley

Where do you go to celebrate life’s greatest moments? 

Will you take a trip to the vineyards of France, a hike to the Grand Canyon, a visit to your favorite city, or even a burrow into a cozy corner of your own home?  Artist Claudia Hartley celebrates life every day.  Her fifty-year career as a professional artist yields her inaugural show in New York with new paintings of the many places where she celebrates life on a daily basis.  A well-known colorist, she transforms select locations from the earnest sketches she creates on site into vibrant outlines of scenery, juxtaposed by carefully chosen hues which bolster the landscapes she recreates.  If one could react with a single word after viewing her paintings, it would be “joy,” as Hartley consciously works to bring the pleasures of life into every viewer’s field of experience.  An avid traveler, Hartley can’t help but sketch the beauty she sees surrounding her wherever she visits.  Whether in nature capturing the wonders of paradise, or indoors soaking up a happy room, she is one who constantly finds beauty in the environment and translates that splendor into canvases to be shared with her many collectors. 

Excited to be making her New York debut, she has selected her favorite locales to bring to life via her paintings.  If you’re looking for work not filled with angst, sorrow, or the negativity of life, you can’t help but become enthralled with her jubilant paintings.  Join us during December to spend a few moments surrounded by pure joy as you witness the never-ending beauty of the work of Claudia Hartley.  

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Rebecca Rosenfield

Director, Bonner David Galleries New York

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