November Feature Max Hammond Shona

Pom here! Today I am going to tell you about another kind of art I’ve been learning about. It’s called sculpture. We have some called Shona and they are made of stone and they come in a bunch of different colors (like me) and different shapes and sizes. The best part is mom says these sculptures are meant to be touched! There is a white one that we have in my garden; sometimes I put my paws on it, but don’t worry, I promise I’m gentle. We also have a green one and I fit right in the middle of it! Those sculptures are called abstract. I am not quite sure what abstract is, but I know that we also have sculptures of different pretty ladies and those ones aren’t abstract.  

Also, I want to tell you about Max! He does abstract work too, but his are paintings. He also does work called figurative and my favorite one has a pretty lady in it. He uses a lot of color and texture and they are so fun because they look different to everyone. My mom says she sees Manhattan in the rain, but I see my favorite park that has people and flowers in it. You should come by the gallery and tell me what you see!  

Written by

Rebecca Rosenfield

Director, Bonner David Art Boutique


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