Madison ArtWalk October 24th

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to share that my home has been invited to participate in the Madison Avenue Gallery Walk on October 24th. I walk the gallery all the time and around the neighborhood, but I never knew we were part of a community of galleries. Mom says we are being good members of the community and celebrating the City reopening and the art season starting. Also, we are having a special speaker come. She is so nice; one night I was cold and she let me wear her sweatshirt to stay warm. I only found out later that she is also a famous artist we represent, none other than Eve Plumb of television fame!

Also, mom has been getting a lot of boxe with new art in them and she says that they will all be hung in time to make the gallery look spectacular for the Gallery Walk. These are really beautiful paintingsI know because I’ve personally inspected each one. You really need to come and see the new work and meet Eve Plumb on October 24th 

Written by

Rebecca Rosenfield

Director, Bonner David Art Boutique


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