Hunt Slonem

October Featured Artist Hunt Slonem

Pom here! I want to tell you about an artist I got to learn about. He and I have a lot in common. His name is Hunt Slonem- how perfect is that?! I hunt too! He likes to paint bunnies, birds and butterflies and I love to chase all of those things. How did he know I’d love that so much? I noticed a painting of white bunnies in the front, and I don’t know if you remember, but one of my jobs is to inspect the artwork. I had not inspected this painting yet when I discovered the frame. All of the frames he uses are different and they smell amazing. I make sure to inspect that painting a few times a day, every day because I just love that frame. When you come to the gallery, I can show you all the bunnies (you’re not allowed to chase them though) and butterflies and I’ll make sure to point out the frames to you also.

My mom tells me that Hunt is a famous artist whose work is collected in over 200 museums around the world and yet he works right here in New York.  He gets his inspiration from all the animals who are at risk in the fires of the Amazon rain forest which is something I don’t hear about very often.  Did you know Hunt also paints with both his right and his left hands?  Now while I’ve got 4 paws, I don’t think I could ever begin to do that.  The images he creates with his left hand, and the texture he adds with his right hand.  He is truly one talented guy.  Perhaps one day I’ll get to visit his studio and see all the exotic birds he keeps.  Sometimes I’m lonely being the only animal here.

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