Contemporary artist John Schieffer’s latest exhibit, Beautiful Things, highlights the importance of the relationship between color and design. To emphasize the rich and vibrant pops of colors that innately bring the work to life, Schieffer will often use an off white or charcoal black background, allowing the colors to capture the audience and evoke an emotional response. Through the process of painting, Schieffer embraces change, enhancement and improvision in the color as well as the emotional aspects of each object he paints. By using real objects to paint from, Schieffer relies on the color and value to hold an emotional connection between the painting and the object. Join us at our New Yorkgallery on Thursday, March 10th, for an exceptional evening of whimsical childhood memories as John Schieffer reminds of the joy in the little things.

Published by

Rebecca Rosenfield

Director, Bonner David Galleries New York