Nathan Fischer

Nathan Fischer spent his childhood at his father’s art foundry, the Monterey Sculpture Center, where he learned the process of casting bronze sculpture for world renowned artists.Working with his father Charles Fischer, an accomplished sculptor, and other artists, instilled in him an awareness of art, design, and creativity.  Fischer then focused his interest for the creative process toward his University studies in Interior Design, later receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, with an emphasis in art history, photography, and graphic design.Nathan has practiced Interior and Architectural Design in Utah, Monterey CA, San Francisco, and Laguna Beach, CA.

The beauty of the coastline, the transition of the water, land and sky, and the interaction of light with these elements, are captured in his work.  “I mimic the colors of these settings.  By inverting and rearranging them, or adding a simple geometric detail, I create an abstraction, and simple abstracts that speak the universal language of the landscape.”Color and composition are the focus of his work. Fischer is compelled to create something natural and soothing, at the same time, his work can inherit an industrial feel.  Work is done on bronze panels, not canvas. There is welding, sanding, and polishing.  To achieve the desired colors fire and various chemicals are applied to the bronze.  The organic tone of Fischer’s work, fused with his medium, result in soothing art ‘with an edge’.

Fischer currently resides in Laguna Beach, CA.  Along with his art, he keeps busy with his interior design practice.  His work is admired by private collectors throughout the states, in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.