Lovemore Bonjisi

Born in Zimbabwe in 1985, Lovemore Bonjisi is one of seven children, the youngest in the family dynasty of Bonjisi sculptors. At a young age, while at school, he was introduced to the master First Generation Shona sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa, who had a strong influence on his development as an artist. Under his guidance, Lovemore learned the art of traditional Shona Sculpture over a period of 5 years, at the end of which he decided not to go to secondary school but to become a professional sculptor at the age of 14.

Lovemore was also instructed and inspired by his late brother Lameck, who was one of Zimbabwe’s most creative and successful sculptors. Favoring Springstone for its hardness and beautifully polished surface, and Cobalt for the stunning array of colors, Lovemore’s work is diverse and dynamic. He is adept in ranging from traditional to modern style, coupled with sharp angles and smooth long necks with life-like faces. Lovemore Bonjisi sculptures have found homes in galleries and private collections all around the world.