Lane Timothy

Lane Timothy was born and raised in the small town of Missoula, Montana where at a very young age he discovered a love of art. Lane sold his first painting to a neighbor for $10.00 at the tender age of seven. During high school, as Lane’s art became more well known throughout the community, he was commissioned to paint the mascots on the walls and gym floors of high schools when he was just sixteen. That was his first commission and they haven’t stopped since that day. Lane worked as a designer at a local t-shirt company throughout high school, which sparked his interest in graphic design. In 1993, Lane was awarded the Charlie Russell National Art Scholarship, which he used to attend the University of Montana to study art and graphic design. After two semesters, Lane took a risk and started his own graphic design company with a friend, instead of enrolling in school.

This turned out to be a smart move, his company was successful and he learned important hands-on skills in the design world. After two years of owning his own business, Lane felt ready for a move to a bigger city. He applied for a position as a graphic designer in a large design firm in Salt Lake City and sure enough, he landed the job. Throughout his graphic design journey, Lane continued to paint in his spare time, he never went long without picking up a paintbrush. After two more years of working in design, Lane packed his belongings, and drove back to Montana, he said,” I was growing anxious at work, because all I wanted to do was paint.” Despite some criticism from people who thought he was crazy to give up a wonderful job, with a consistent income, Lane knew in his heart he had to do what he loves or he would live each day full of regret. Lane was back in his small studio, in his small town, and he never felt happier. His first art show nearly sold out and this gave him the confidence that he had made the right decision. Work has not slowed down for him and he has been fortunate enough to spend his days painting and following his dreams.

Lane has made quite a name for himself in Missoula, his work is displayed all over town in several restaurants, banks, retail stores, the University, not to mention in numerous homes throughout the valley. His appeal does not end there, his paintings can be seen in collections throughout Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, Europe, and Japan.

Another passion of Lane’s is giving back to the community. He has donated art to Big Brothers and Big Sisters for two years, contributing over $22,000 to their organization. He also donates a painting each year to the University of Montana rodeo team, raising thousands of dollars for their program. In 2002, Lane donated a painting to the Molson Indy Gala to benefit the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. The painting sold for $57,000 and 100% of the proceeds went to the hospital. Lane also donated art for Intermountain Therapy Animals in Salt Lake, and is currently working on a project for a skate park in Missoula.

Lane has made his way back to Salt Lake City once again and he has been painting more than ever. He feels that after all these years, he has finally found a unique style that is unmistakably his own voice. He has experimented with many creative genres but admits that realism, with a contemporary twist is his undeniable favorite. His love of the city joined with his experience and fondness for the country lead to exceptional content to paint. Lane loves spending afternoons riding around the city on his bike with his wife snapping pictures of ideas for potential paintings. He has been fortunate to visit Europe twice to study the techniques of the classic masters, he spent hours on end roaming thegalleries and museums, mesmerized by the unbelievable talent. Lane stays in his studio for long hours with his nose in a book, studying everything he can get his hands on about masters of the past and present, their technique and ability. Lane admires many artists but his favorite is John Singer Sargent. “I love his suggestive strokes, he is a master of the brush.” Lane was excited to visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and see a John Singer Sargent painting proudly displayed. His said it took his breath away.

On the March/April 2005 cover of Sky West Magazine, there is a painting of a cowboy looking out into the wide open spaces that is undeniably a field in Montana. Lane painted the Montana cowboy and titled it “Daydreamer.”Lane considers himself somewhat of a daydreamer, he is constantly dreaming of the places he’ll go and the things that he’ll see. He said, “Art is amazing because it enables you to take what is in your head, and put it onto canvas for the world to see.”

Lane was also featured in Southwest Art Magazines, “21 Artists Under 31 to Collect Now,” in September of 2004. Lane feels that this is just the beginning of his career and he is thankful that he followed his gut instinct and kept his dream alive, to be an oil painter.