Kathrine Lemke Waste

Painter Kathrine Lemke Waste is a California-based artist with a national presence. Her still life works explore the artifacts of modern culture along with the abundance of her home in the Central Valley.

“Waste’s visually poetic images have often been described as ‘luminous.’ Her works are distinctive in the way they capture light and reflections,” writes Bonnie Gangelhoff of her work in Southwest Art Magazine. “Simple, ordinary objects are transformed through her imaginative eye.”

Kathrine was elected to Master Signature Membership of American Women Artists, and has served as President of their Board of Directors. She leads AWA’s “25 in 25,” a national campaign to mount 25 museum shows for women artists over the next 25 years and recently spoke at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington DC about this initiative. Her paintings have been included in a number of museum shows in Arizona, California, Vermont and Georgia.

Kathrine’s paintings and writings about the agricultural riches of the region were a regular feature for the Sacramento Bee in her weekly visual column, “One Perfect Thing.” She’s been highlighted in several issues of Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, and Western Art and Architecture. Kathrine teaches workshops for the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento