John Schieffer

John Schieffer graduated in 1995 from Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The salutatorian entered the world of illustration at Mercer Mayer Productions as a children’s book illustrator. It was a job where he used his artistic abilities although it was not an outlet for a serious painting career. (He has a written and illustrated a book of his own that is awaiting a publisher). John then worked in the field of graphics at Leslie Roy Designs where he became production manager.

Until recently John has been a full time conservator for Yost Conservation. Working primarily on 19th century American Art he has been recreating what is missing due to damage from tears, punctures, flaking and aging. He uses his painting and sculpting skills to erase the marks of time. As a new resident of Arizona these pieces now travel to him for his expert handling.

All through these differing art-related jobs John has always been painting. He paints in many different sizes from murals to miniatures using both acrylic and oil paints. His experience as a restorer has honed a variety of techniques in realism, impressionism, surrealism, abstraction and portraiture. All his own works explore texture, space and color.

John’s current works are contemporary still lifes. These pieces keep focus on the object while at the same time exploring the color and value of an object by keeping backgrounds subdued or shadowed. With Trompe l’oeil precision, common and under-appreciated objects take on a fresh and unexpected persona.